komora Lameck
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Service Categories
I offer professional content suiting:
Brand Advertising on Social Media
Social Media Animated adverts
Content Promotion
Audio Restoration
Music Production
Artist Recording
Logo Design
Social Media
Voice Overs
Music Production
I offer professional quality services ranging
from music recording, mixing music, voice overs,
mastering, audio restoration, audio denoising, audio polishing at affordable prices.
Take a glimpse at my skills
Music Production
I am a part time music producer at my home studios i recently set up.
I have been an intern at a local studio for 3 years and I got an opportunity to grow my career.
It has taken time, dedication, committment to skill up to this level.
Web Design
I am able to plan, design and provide
professional web designsto clients based on their needs
ranging from jewelry, hotels, restraunts, delivery services and much more.
This is the time to get your site going online.
Graphics & Logo Design
I take great interest in digital cotent creation.
Contact me in person to get your logo,
animated adverts suited for social media such as
youtube, instagram, vimeo, facebook and a lot more at affordable prices.
Get Professional Media today
Contact me any time for all your music and audio media content needs.

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Komora Lameck
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